常州艾福帝汽车销售有限公司(Changzhou Aifudi Car Sales Co.,Ltd.)成立于2019年09月,在天宁吾悦开店,注册汽车销售服务有限公司,注册资金为800万元。将旗下品牌“FDCC”升级为“机械美学”,公司主要业务还是针对汽车后市场服务(精洗美容、改色贴膜、隐形车衣和原厂升级),另外加入了汽车、摩托车、游艇、房车和汽车产品等综合类产品销售。同时还有布加迪、帕加尼、柯尼塞格、拉法、P1、918等过千万的超级跑车的漆面透明保护膜施工作业经验。


The company re-registered Auto Sales Service Co., Ltd. in Tianning Wuyue, which was established in September 2019 with a registered capital of 8 million yuan. Upgraded its brand "FDCC" to "Mechanical Aesthetics". The company's main business is still for automotive aftermarket services (fine wash and beauty, color change film, invisible car clothing and original factory upgrades), and also added cars, motorcycles, yachts, and RVs And sales of comprehensive products such as automotive products. At the same time, there is also experience in the construction of transparent protective film for the lacquer surface of the super sports cars with more than 10 million Supercars such as Bugatti, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Rafa, P1 and 918.

Mechanical aesthetics adheres to the concept of "Meeting Friends with Cars and Promoting Communication", giving customers "the best car experience" and taste "the most fashionable car life". Mechanical Aesthetics swears to be the new benchmark for automobile service, bringing customers the most professional and convenient services.